Major AEW Team Threatens To Break Up Forever

2 years ago by Tempest

Major AEW Team Threatens To Break Up Forever

Since losing the AEW World Tag Team Championship in February, SoCal Uncensored have done little of note. Now, we may be looking at the disintegration of the team for good.

On AEW Dark, Frankie Kazarian gave an ultimatum to his partner Christopher Daniels. He said if they lose another match they will break up forever. Here is the promo and quote, courtesy of Wrestle Zone:

“I know you better than anybody, CD, and if there’s one thing I know that you are and that’s a fighter. When your back is against the wall you will fight, when the pressure is on you will fight. So I am asking you one more time to fight, by my side. These are drastic times, CD, so I’m going to throw out some drastic measures, and I need you to agree with this.

We will fight, we will claw, we will work our way to the top and we will become AEW Tag Team Champions, because from here on out, the next time you and I lose as a tag team, you and I are done as a tag team, forever.”

Daniels and Kazarian have competed as a team across several promotions. Most notably winning gold in both TNA Wrestling and Ring of Honor under the names The Addiction and SoCal Uncensored.

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