Major Faction Formed In Shocking Twist On AEW: Dynamite

2 years ago by Nate

Major Faction Formed In Shocking Twist On AEW: Dynamite

In an incredible twist at the end of AEW: Dynamite, a major new faction was created. AEW announced that The Inner Circle would have a war council on Dynamite tonight. Many fans predicted MJF would try to take over the faction.

That’s exactly what happened, but it was all a swerve. Jericho had MJF outsmarted. Sammy Guevara returned to show video footage of MJF trying to talk Santana, Hager, and Ortiz into kicking Chris Jericho out. However, they were all in on it and outsmarted MJF.

Or at least that’s what we thought. After MJF had been caught red-handed and kicked out of The Inner Circle, he revealed it was all misdirection. He had been putting together his own faction while keeping them distracted.

The lights went off and when they came back on Wardlow, Shawn Spears, Tully Blanchard, and FTR were standing in the ring. They laid waste to The Inner Circle. All the members except for Jericho ended up in handcuffs.

Then the new faction focused on Jericho. They beat him down and bloodied him. In the end, Wardlow powerbombed him off the stage onto some tables.

MJF and his new crew stood tall to end the show. We don’t know what this faction will be called, but they certainly seem to have taken their place as the top heel faction in AEW.

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