Major Superstar Traded To WWE SmackDown

3 years ago by Nate

Major Superstar Traded To WWE SmackDown

AJ Styles was announced to wrestle Shinsuke Nakamura in the WWE Intercontinental Championship Tournament on WWE SmackDown. Everyone assumed he was just coming over as the Brand vs. Brand Invitational.

However, that is not the case. During AJ’s entrance, Michael Cole announced AJ Styles has officially been traded to WWE SmackDown.

Cole also announced he was traded for superstars to be named later in the future. I wonder if we’ll ever actually hear who those superstars were. WWE often drops things like this.

AJ Styles defeated Nakamura in a hard-fought match. AJ moves on to face Elias in the next round of the tournament.

It looks like we could be heading for a Bryan vs. Styles final at Backlash.

While AJ definitely adds some star power to WWE SmackDown, it seems to leave a huge hole on Raw in terms of legitimate star power on the heel side of Raw. It will be interesting to see who can step up to take his place.

Stay tuned for more on this story as it develops. What do you think of this trade?

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