Major WWE Star Says Match With WALTER ‘Is Going To Happen’

2 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Major WWE Star Says Match With WALTER ‘Is Going To Happen’

One of the biggest dream matches in WWE is a clash between Drew McIntyre and WALTER, and the former is of the belief that the two Europeans will go one-on-one in the future.

While speaking with Rasslin’ with Brandon F Walker, Drew McIntyre said that it’s just a matter of time before he goes head-to-head with the NXT UK Champion, saying:

“I can’t wait until it happens, it’s going to happen. It’s just a matter of time. You know, we rolled in the ring a few minutes at Survivor Series. We got into a big man chop battle. You can decide for yourself who won that one, obviously, I’m going to be a bit biased.“But WALTER is just someone who, talk about believability in the ring, you watch a WALTER match, and he makes you believe.

“He’s so big, unique looking, and dominant, with such a believable style. He is somebody who has done a great job as the NXT UK representative and a representative of European wrestling.”

Drew McIntyre is believed to have been one of several main roster stars who has told Triple H that he’d like to go and have matches in NXT UK, so a showdown with WALTER is a possibility once international travel is permitted.

Before he gets to WALTER, Drew McIntyre will step inside Hell in a Cell next weekend with long-time rival Bobby Lashley. If McIntyre cannot win the WWE Championship at the show, he won’t be able to challenge for the title again.

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