Major WWE Star’s Twitter Hacked

Major WWE Star’s Twitter Hacked WWE

A major WWE star seems to have had their Twitter hacked as WrestleMania fast approaches, don’t get caught in a scam!

On Twitter tonight (March 23) Seth Rollins had some weird behavior which points all signs towards his account having been hacked.

If a sudden influx of NFT related Tweets being put out as well as pinned on the account weren’t enough, the display name also changed and now the account notes that Seth Rollins is in the ‘Financial Services’ industry.


While WrestleTalk isn’t giving you any financial advice regarding how best to spend your money, purchasing some strange NFT’s from a hacked Seth Rollins would be never be the suggestion.

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Seth Rollins has had an unfortunate week as he received yet another well timed blow from Logan Paul on this week’s edition of Monday Night Raw, leaving him laid out for the second segment in a row featuring the social media celeb.

The duo are set to face off at the upcoming WWE premium live event WrestleMania 39 although neither WrestleMania Saturday or Sunday have been specified at this time.

You can keep up with all the latest WrestleMania 39 news by clicking this link. 

Seth Rollins WWE star twitter hack

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