Malakai Black Discusses Goals For Post-WWE Career

Malakai Black Discusses Goals For Post-WWE Career

Malakai Black has revealed his main goal for the rest of his in-ring career, wanting to leave an impact on the next generation of performers.

Black is one of the most unique talents wrestling today. Speaking on Talk is Jericho, The AEW star has revealed that his goal is to secure his legacy with the time he has left in the ring.

Discussing the unpredictability of his future, Black noted:

“The good thing about being (in AEW), it’s such an amazing locker room with new and young talents. Some walk up to me and want information, and I’m glad I can do that because I feel, I’m 36 and I hope I’m blessed enough to go another 15 years, but we don’t have that guarantee. It might be five or six years and my knees or back give out.

“I want to make sure that what I leave behind is not only a body of work that people can look at, but also be around for this generation of kids who will eventually inherit the business and say, ‘I picked up XZYZ from Malakai’ and I helped make them better. I want to help make the next generation of wrestling be better.”

Black made his AEW in ring debut during the August 4 Homecoming show, defeating Cody Rhodes convincingly. Following the defeat, Rhodes teased his retirement, before Black attacked him again.

Also in the interview, Black revealed that he decided he wanted out of WWE months before he was ultimately released from the company.

Quote via Fightful.

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