Malakai Black Says Final WWE Angle ‘Didn’t Feel Right’

Malakai Black Says Final WWE Angle ‘Didn’t Feel Right’

Malakai Black has opened up about his final WWE angle, explaining that he thought it didn’t feel right when he attacked Big E.

Black’s final onscreen appearance for WWE saw him cost Big E a Intercontinental Championship four-way match. The AEW star has admitted that something didn’t feel right to him during the segment.

Speaking on Talk is Jericho, Black recalled one of his final days in WWE, noting:

“I have been told the actual reason, but I can’t talk about that. It’s no longer relevant. I’m (in AEW) now. Two weeks before I attacked Big E, on the night of the last vignette, I had a sit down with Vince. He was convinced of it and liked it. I wanted to get his thoughts as I hadn’t seen him in six months and a lot had happened. I wanted to see how he was doing. We had a normal conversation. We did the attack on Big E and something about it didn’t feel right. I told my wife (Zelina Vega) as well. The way he looked, there was a disconnect.

“Not a disconnect as in, ‘I don’t get it,’ but I felt he made up his mind, even back then. It’s his company, it’s fine. When (the release) happened, Johnny Ace (John Laurinaitis) called me and even he was confused. My wife was crying because she knew. She was about to come back and one of the main reasons she wanted to come back was because I was there, which was more or less the driving force, other than the promises they made her.”

Black was released by WWE on June 2. During the interview, Black revealed that he wanted out of WWE months before he was ultimately let go.

Quote via Fightful.

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