Many Former WWE Stars Believe They’d Still Be There If Triple H Had Been In Control

Many Former WWE Stars Believe They’d Still Be There If Triple H Had Been In Control WWE

A new report reveals that many former WWE talent believe they would still be with the company if Triple H had been in control.

On July 25, WWE announced that Triple H was taking over as head of creative for the main roster following Vince McMahon’s retirement.

These duties go along with his role as EVP of talent relations after replacing John Laurinaitis in the position.

Per Fightful Select (subscription required), several former WWE stars who left for a variety of reasons believe things would have been different for them if Triple H was in power earlier.

Majority of NXT talent that have been released believe that had Triple H had been in those roles previously then they wouldn’t have been released.

Some of these talent were realistic with the fact they weren’t being utilized or progressing fast enough before their cut.

Another former NXT star that had options within WWE before signing elsewhere said they felt an incredible sense of loyalty to Triple H and had he been the person in charge of their creative future “things could have been different”.

Another talent that ended up in AEW said they had no confidence in being creatively satisfied on the WWE main roster before leaving the company.

The AEW star went on to say:

“I’m glad that I went to AEW, but if I was graduating to a Triple H-led Smackdown or Raw, I probably would have re-signed with WWE before my deal was up.”

Another top free agent noted that Triple H and Stephanie McMahon being in their positions greatly increases the possibility of them returning to the company.

We will have further updates on Triple H’s new position when they become available.

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