Maria Kanellis Announces Launch Of ‘Women’s Wrestling Army’

11 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Maria Kanellis Announces Launch Of ‘Women’s Wrestling Army’ ROH

Former WWE star Maria Kanellis is forming her own army, a Women’s Wrestling Army.

Maria was one of the women very instrumental in the relaunch of the Ring of Honor Women’s Division back in 2021, and she now revealed today on Twitter (April 14) that she is starting a new project called the ‘Women’s Wrestling Army’.

The tweet features a video of Maria outlining her mission with the project. She said:

The journey, it’s 1,000 seemingly insignificant decisions. It’s the wrong turns, the dead ends, the climb, the process the successes, and the failures. It’s the word, ‘no.’ The next ‘no.’ A million beating drums inside your mind that say, ‘no’. A hated word, ‘diva,’ that defined your career. Can you small-town girl, Diva, turn that ‘no’ into a simple but almost unattainable word, ‘yes.’

Yes, you can transition from small-town girl turned Diva to manager, mother, producer — to produce change, changing ever so slightly, to keep up with my less experienced contemporaries to remain relevant for them, to create opportunities for them. Crafting a craft that is in the position with the possibility to overturn or overtake an industry with professional wrestling. What’s next? CEO, BOD. Let’s create an army. A Women’s Wrestling Army.

Not much is known about the project so far, but the website linked asks for visitors to subscribe for future news on events.

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