Mark Henry Reveals John Cena Cried During Fake WWE Retirement

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Mark Henry Reveals John Cena Cried During Fake WWE Retirement

WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry has revealed that John Cena got emotional during his famous fake retirement segment on Raw.

On June 27, 2013, Mark Henry pretended to retire from pro wrestling, before attacking John Cena, setting his sights on the WWE Championship. According to Henry, Cena genuinely shed a tear during the segment.

Speaking on the AEW Unrestricted podcast, Henry recalled Cena crying after Henry refused to hold the WWE Title. Surprised by the backstage reaction to the segment, Henry said:

“I just knew that, at some point, I’m gonna have to shut the waterworks off and focus on doing business with John Cena, and John Cena was standing at ringside. And it was really impromptu. It wasn’t something that was planned. John tried to give me the title, and I just told him, ‘No, I don’t deserve to hold that. I never won that. I’m not gonna do it,’ and he just started crying because I had emotionally got to him.

“When I looked over there and I saw him crying, I was like, oh, shoot, this is different. I knew it was different. From the time that a lot left in the tank came out of my mouth to walking in the back, when I got in the back, for the first time in my career, and it was the end of my career, all the wrestlers were in the back waiting on me. It was like walking into a concert crowd.

“You walk off the stage and walk into the people. Everybody was there, and everybody was applauding and clapping, kind of coming up and hugging me. I was like, damn, I would’ve retire A long time ago if I knew I would have gotten everyone’s attention. That will always gonna be one moment in my career that I’ll treasure.”

Henry left WWE earlier this year, wanting to prove to his former employer that his efforts don’t go unnoticed. He made a surprise appearance at AEW Double or Nothing in May, before it was announced that Henry will be an analyst for the Rampage brand.

the debut episode of AEW Rampage airs on August 13. It has been speculated that CM Punk will feature on the August 20 show in Chicago’s United Center.

A WWE Hall of Famer believes that there is a possibility that Brock Lesnar could sign with AEW soon.

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