Mark Henry Recalls Owen Hart Stopping Him From Attacking JBL, Compares Asuka To Bret Hart & More

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Mark Henry Recalls Owen Hart Stopping Him From Attacking JBL, Compares Asuka To Bret Hart & More

Mark Henry recently sat down with ‘Good Ol’ JR for the latter’s podcast, The Jim Ross Report. Among several other topics, Ross began talking about WWE Legend Owen Hart. He described him as one of those guys who never got on anyone’s bad side.

“Owen Hart [was] classic,” Ross said. “I loved Owen. Owen Hart is one of the few guys, Mark, I’ve been in the [professional wrestling] business since 1974 [and] he is probably in one handful of guys that I can honestly say I’ve never heard any of the boys knock, or diss, or say anything bad about and that’s highly unusual.”

With Hart now a part of the conversation, Henry opened up about a great little story between the pair of them. He describes a time when he and JBL were butting heads. Instead of a shoot brawl breaking out, however, Hart gave Henry a different approach.

“I was having a disagreement with a wrestler that we both know and love and I wanted to fight,” Henry recalled. “And I think I told [Ross] that I wanted to fight him. I didn’t want to get fired. I was like, ‘I’m going to beat him up and don’t fire me.’ And [Ross] was like, ‘well, if you beat him up, I will have to fine you and I may have to fire you.’ And I’m like, ‘well, s–t. I can’t win!’ Owen came up to me and said, ‘listen, don’t get mad. You get very entertaining when you get angry. I like to see you angry too as long as you aren’t angry at me.’

“I realized I was putting a show on and me fighting somebody that’s my peer would not be good. It wasn’t going to look good anyway. And this guy, by the way, was the artist formerly known as Justin ‘Hawk’ Bradshaw and I just wanted to whoop him and Owen said, ‘don’t do it.’He said, ‘the next time you see John by himself, just walk up to him and say, ‘John, I don’t appreciate you picking on me and I wish you would stop.’ And if he says he won’t stop, then you just tell him, ‘well, the next time that I see you by yourself like this, nobody’s around, I’m not going to be screaming and yelling. I’m just going to take the opportunity to let you know that I don’t particularly like it and it might not be with words.” And he taught me how to communicate and I love that dude. He was my brother because he helped me keep my job, one. He taught me how to relate to people in the locker room and nobody got hurt. That’s a lost art and there needs to be more Owen Harts in the locker room.”

Later in the interview, Henry also discussed the state of the current WWE women’s roster. Firstly, he gave his opinion on who is the best female talent in the world right now.

“There’s not one ugly woman in that locker room,” Henry professed. “Not one. I mean, but on skill level, they’re about as skilled of a group of women wrestlers that there ever was at any time in history. Bayley can go up against any woman any night of the week. She’s good, real good, double good. And I remember when she came in, I was like, ‘I know you taught a lot of these girls how to work, but I don’t want you to go in there and look like a coach or a teacher. I want you go in there and try to rip their face off. Like, go and be you. Like, you can respect them, but you’re not going to ever get over if you just go out there and want to do, do, do. You’ve got to take a little bit and you’ve got to make people understand, feel your pain, and celebrate with you, and have that emotional tie to the audience.’ But she didn’t have it at that time, but the light switch flipped in her and still, for your money, man, Charlotte[Flair], and Becky [Lynch], and Sasha [Banks], and the list goes on with the girls, but I’m still going to hang my hat on Bayley. She’s an unbelievable talent.”

The ‘World’s Strongest Man’ then went on to discuss Asuka, comparing her to Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart for her precision in the ring.

“[Asuka is] very underutilized,” Henry claimed. “She’s as special as Bayley is and more aggressive, actually. And I love her work and I’ve never seen her bloody [anybody’s] mouth. She is talented! She’s like Bret Hart in the sense that for all the striking and stuff that she does, I don’t see bloody teeth.”

Talk about high praise.

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