Details On Major WWE Star’s Scrapped MCU Performance

2 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Details On Major WWE Star’s Scrapped MCU Performance Marvel Studios

A major WWE star had reportedly filmed a performance for Marvel last year that ended up not being used.

Former Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch was cast as Cyndi Lauper in the latest season of Young Rock, but she had filmed another big role prior to that.

Per Fightful Select (subscription required), Becky Lynch was cast for a Marvel movie last year, though her appearance never made the screen. Rumours surfaced that Becky would be appearing in the MCU, but there were not any extra details known, though it was confirmed to Fightful in late 2021 that she had a role, but it was not confirmed by anyone from Marvel.

Fightful now claims that, after speaking with sources at Marvel, as of now Becky’s scenes filmed have been left on the cutting room floor, which was something writer Kris Tapley recently tweeted about.

Fightful notes that the role was for a post-credits scene in Marvel’s ‘Eternals’ movie, with the idea being to set up something for a future installment, though it is not known what the role was for.

Despite Becky’s scene ultimately being nixed, Fightful was told that the possibility of using her in future films is not out of the question, as those within Marvel said they were happy with her performance.

A person with knowledge of the situation claimed that the scene in question was ‘too depressing’, but no additional context was given.

Marvel’s Eternals was met with underwhelming reviews and box office performance, so a sequel for the movie may be up in the air right now.

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