Match Scrapped & Other Changes To WWE Raw Plans

2 weeks ago by Liam Winnard

Match Scrapped & Other Changes To WWE Raw Plans WWE

It appears last night’s May 22 episode of WWE Raw was another that saw multiple changes made to plans for the show.

As usual, on Monday morning, WRKD Wrestling reported on spoilers for some things that were planned for Raw.

However, some of those plans ended up changing, or not happening at all.

WRKD Wrestling had heavily implied that Shinsuke Nakamura was to be the mystery partner for Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn in the main event against Imperium, and that there’d be a match on the show between Finn Balor and Matt Riddle.

What we actually saw on Raw was that Nakamura and Riddle’s roles had been flipped, so it was Balor vs Nakamura, and Riddle was the mystery partner for Owens and Zayn.

WRKD Wrestling had also mentioned that there would be “a watchful eye on JD McDonagh’s debut match”, but McDonagh was nowhere to be seen on last night’s show.

It’s unknown who his planned match was against, but a guess based on last week would be Dolph Ziggler.

To prove plans had changed and the spoilers weren’t just a complete dud, WRKD Wrestling had reported that Dominik Mysterio vs Apollo Crews was planned, and that one did actually take place.

After WWE made official announcements of Balor vs Nakamura and Riddle as the mystery partner just before Raw, WRKD Wrestling tweeted:

While plans changed throughout the day, the company hopes to draw viewers in for this weekend’s Night of Champions show by having big segments with Cody Rhodes tonight on #WWERaw.

What took place on Raw was indeed a show-long story with multiple segments where Lesnar attacked Rhodes and broke his arm, but Rhodes was adamant about fighting Lesnar at Night of Champions.

On the topic of plans changing, Fightful Select confirmed that idea too, reporting: “Several rundowns were handed out throughout the night. We’re told lots of changes today”.

It’s unknown exactly why changes were made, but we’ll let you know if any more details emerge.

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