Matt Cardona: ‘My Biggest Fear Was WWE Wasn’t Going To Release Me’

2 years ago by Tempest

Matt Cardona: ‘My Biggest Fear Was WWE Wasn’t Going To Release Me’

Matt Cardona has said that his biggest fear last year was that WWE wouldn’t release him.

Speaking on Oral Sessions, Cardona talked about being released by WWE and his thought process at the time. He also said it was time to go and the release was the best thing to happen to him. Here is the quote, courtesy of Inside the Ropes:

“I knew the releases were coming that day, and my biggest fear was that they weren’t going to release me. My contract was up in August and this is April, and I did not resign. I didn’t know if I wanted to stay or go. So I was like ‘oh my God I hope they don’t not release me and just let me rot until August.’ Once I saw people going I was like ‘oh please! Please fire me!’ I already had my Pro-Wrestling Tees store set up.

“Listen, losing your dream job sucks, the pay-check coming in every week and then not coming in, that sucked. But it was time to go. Ultimately the decision was made for me. [Chelsea asks was that a good thing] Yeah because I was living with anxiety for over a year negotiating this new deal. When the decision was made it was like OK this is it for me. Once there was a weight lifted off my shoulder, I was very excited to go out there and wrestle. The thing is we were living in this pandemic. Yes there were a couple of indies but it wasn’t the safest. But right now, every weekend in the summer I am booked for something. [The release] it was the best thing that happened for me, 100%.”

Matt Cardona has been wrestling for promotions such as AEW, IMPACT, and GCW since his release. He won the GCW World Championship this weekend from Nick Gage, a moment that saw fans shower the ring with trash after the match.

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