Matt Cardona Says He Wasn’t Able To Work Hard In WWE

2 years ago by Tempest

Matt Cardona Says He Wasn’t Able To Work Hard In WWE

Matt Cardona became known for his struggles to be noticed in WWE in 2011. Now, he has opened up about not feeling like he was able to work hard while in WWE.

Speaking on the Oral Sessions podcast with Chelsea Green, Cardona said all he ever wanted was an opportunity. Here is the quote, courtesy of Wrestling Inc.:

“I love working hard and I felt like in WWE, for me personally, I wasn’t able to work hard because I wasn’t given the opportunity to work hard. Now I feel like I can work my ass off. And listen, not everything is going to be a success. But at least I have the opportunity to try. That’s all I ever wanted, was an opportunity. Now I have this safe in my house, full of graded traded cards that worth money and cash that I make on the indies. It’s great!”

Matt Cardona was released by WWE on April 15, 2020. He recently opened up about how his worst fear at the time was that WWE wouldn’t release him. You can read more about that here.

Cardona recently became GCW World Champion by defeating Nick Gage.

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