Matt Hardy And Evil Uno Heavily Tease Hardy To AEW

3 years ago by Tempest

Matt Hardy And Evil Uno Heavily Tease Hardy To AEW

It would appear that Matt Hardy is done with WWE. He was written off television on Raw, receiving a conchairto from Randy Orton. Afterwards, Hardy posted a tweet simply saying “goodbye” with a link to his latest YouTube video.

The video featured an interesting interaction between Hardy and Vanguard 1. Hardy lashed out at the drone, proclaiming “I am exa- I am exa- I am exhausted”. This was clearly done as a response to the speculation that Hardy will be revealed as the Dark Order’s Exalted One in AEW.

Earlier today, Evil Uno posted a tweet saying “You say goodbye and I say hello”. This would appear to be a response to Hardy’s farewell. The tweet itself was liked by Hardy, creating further speculation amongst fans.

The identity of the Exalted One has yet to be revealed. It was reported the original plan was for his identity to be Marty Scurll prior to his re-signing with Ring of Honor. Since then, Hardy has been one of a few names speculated to be behind the Dark Order.

Whether Hardy will really be the leader of the Dark Order is unclear, but it seems almost certain that he will be moving on from WWE.

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