Matt Hardy Explains Why Rey Mysterio Didn’t Win The Cruiserweight Title At WrestleMania 19

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Matt Hardy Explains Why Rey Mysterio Didn’t Win The Cruiserweight Title At WrestleMania 19

Matt Hardy defeated Rey Mysterio to retain the WWE Cruiserweight Title in the opener at WrestleMania 19, but that wasn’t the original plan.

Hardy became a mainstay in the Cruiserweight division during his “Version 1” character. The storyline saw Matt have to lose weight to join the division and eventually win the gold.

On the latest edition of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, the AEW star discussed how he embraced the situation and got over to the point that WWE changed the finish at WrestleMania 19 with his co-host Jon Alba.

Hardy said:

I thought as ‘Matt Hardy Version 1’ I could do something good with that and we had Shannon [Moore] as my trainer and he was trying to help me lose all the weight and I was supposed to be this pseudo-Cruiserweight and win the Cruiserweight Title and then do something with Rey at WrestleMania. I think because I embraced it and looked at it the best we can,

I think the initial plan was for me to win the Cruiserweight Title and then probably drop it to Rey at WrestleMania but I started getting over. I was really getting into it and I think even Vince saw how much I was into it and that’s where they changed the finish.

Matt continued on to talk about how the change allowed him and Mysterio to stretch their story to a satisfying conclusion in Anaheim. He stated:

The original finish was that Rey was supposed to beat me at WrestleMania, but they changed it so we could drag it out and build it to a bigger match where Rey could end up winning the title because they thought the story had legs.

So, that was pretty cool, it was quite the compliment and we ended up going to the big match in Anaheim on the television show,” Hardy added. “Rey overcame the villain and won the Cruiserweight Title in his home state of California.

Matt Hardy currently competes in AEW and is the leader of the AHFO alongside Andrade El Idolo.

Hardy has also been very vocal about the future of his brother Jeff Hardy. The Hardys will reunite for several independent events starting next month when Jeff’s non-compete clause expires.

Transcription via Wrestlezone

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