Hardy Boyz Contract Status Confirmed After AEW Departures

Hardy Boyz Contract Status Confirmed After AEW Departures AEW

Matt & Jeff Hardy have returned to TNA Wrestling after their recent time in AEW, although both remain free agents.

Jeff Hardy made his return at Against All Odds on June 14, 2024, coming out to save Matt Hardy after the TNA World Championship match.

Moose retained the TNA World Championship against Matt Hardy, with The System (Moose, Brian Myers & Eddie Edwards) attacking Hardy after the match, which brought out Joe Hendry, Nic & Ryan Nemeth and then the returning Jeff Hardy.

On a recent episode of The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy, Matt discussed the negotiations with AEW and how they ended up in TNA Wrestling, saying:

“Jeff was still with AEW. I was saying, ‘Let me match up with his deal. When his deal ends, I’ll work through that.’

“If something works where I can go back to AEW and we can team together, that’s cool and we could do that.

“I was talking with those guys and we came to two or three different offers, and nothing was quite what I wanted. I was doing all the negotiating for myself and Jeff.”

Matt would go on to share his thoughts on the use of the Hardy Boyz in AEW, adding:

“I was trying to set myself up for something new when Jeff’s contract ended. I ended up doing Against All Odds. Let me do a program with Moose, we’ll have a killer blowoff match, and I’ll put Moose over.”

“I said, ‘I’ll come in, we’ll build up an angle, it’ll get me hot. It’ll rebuild equity back with myself’ because myself and Jeff had been devalued for so long, like the last year. ‘Let me build some value for myself and I can put Moose over. It’ll be a win-win.’ That was the plan.

He would then go on to discuss how things fell silent for Jeff and his mindset during this period, stating:

“As time started going on, Jeff started telling me, ‘No one has reached out to me.’ ‘Are you going to reach out to them?’ The only time they offered Jeff a deal is when they offered me a deal. Jeff didn’t care. Unless they offered him something that he liked, he was good. He wasn’t going to reach out.

“As Jeff was saying, ‘No one has reached out, my deal might be up.’ I said, ‘I’m enjoying my time in TNA. Jeff isn’t looking to re-sign, no one has reached out, Jeff doesn’t feel like he’s necessarily wanted there.’

“Jeff is an interesting cat. He thinks differently. If someone is not trying to reach out to him, ‘Hey, we really want to do this.’ If you’re sitting back or not trying to contact, he goes, ‘Well, they must not want me. I’ll move on.’

“I told [TNA], ‘I would love to extend this.’ They said, ‘If Jeff’s deal is coming up, would he be interested in doing this?’ I told Jeff, ‘TNA said whenever your AEW deal is done, they’d be interested in doing something if you’d like to.’ Jeff got back to me, ‘Yeah. When my AEW deal runs out, if they don’t offer me anything, I’d be up for that.”

Hardy would confirm that both he and Jeff are still free agents, concluding:

“We’re both free agents. We don’t have any contract.

“We’re just doing TNA programs right now. We have agreed to work with them for a couple of months and we’re not opposed to extending that.

“If they wanted to offer something, we would have a conversation with them.”

Jeff Hardy departed AEW in June 2024 following the expiry of his contract, with Matt having left in April after not re-signing.

Transcript from Fightful.

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