Matt Hardy Turns Out The Lights For Bray Wyatt

Matt Hardy Turns Out The Lights For Bray Wyatt

Matt has tweeted a DEEEEELIIIGHTFUUULLL video showing the aftermath of last Monday’s Ultimate Deletion on RAW.

In the short film, Skarsgård the Dilapidated Boat drifts to shore as Señor Benjamin rakes at the mud for some reason. Skarsgård has brought Benjamin a most sacred artifact: Bray’s lantern.

Señor Benjamin takes the lantern to Matt, who’s dressed as Gangrel because why not? Matt thanks him for this kindness, makes some goofy faces at the lantern, and drifts away with it while the song “Broken Out in Love” plays. It’s still so cool. Next, we see Matt inside his home where he presents King Maxel with the Lantern of Wyatt. The King then proceeds to blow out the lantern, presumably for the last time.

If you skipped the video to read the article, don’t — this post-credit sequence was almost as good as the Ultimate Deletion itself. Matt said goodbye to Bray in a more tender and respectful way than WWE usually sends off its superstars/characters.

King Maxel blowing out the light, coupled with Wyatt’s “goodbye Tweet“, most likely signal the end for the ‘Eater of Worlds’. While WrestleTalk has covered what may become of Wyatt, where does Woken Matt Hardy go from here? The WWE themselves posed the question: “Now that The Woken One’s rival has been vanquished, what is Hardy’s path to WrestleMania?”

The staff of have some ideas regarding this topic. Here’s what they said:

Andy Datson – Twitter: @hornsboggle

I think Matt Hardy is going to become Dana Brooke’s manager.”

Feel free to send your hate for this idea to his Twitter account.

Nicholas C. Martinez – Twitter: @WarthogNYC

I think Bray is going to become another Brother Nero of sorts and that he will fold into the ‘Woken Universe’ after finding his way thanks to the Lake of Reincarnation. Woken Matt Hardy basically saw the rudderless Wyatt as another lost soul and potential brother-in-arms for the over-arching ‘Great War’ (after all, they did know each other in past lives as told Matt told us).

That is why he needed to break Bray down over the past month or so: he wanted to rebuild him back up to the dominant force he once was and morph him into an invaluable ally, just as he did Brother Nero. Thus, the need for the Ultimate Deletion. When Bray returns, he should do so looking similar to how he did in the past but adorned with new touches of Woken brilliance.”

This, of course, could lead to a new team in a Raw tag team division that sorely needs a fresh set of competitors. It also lets the WWE keep Jeff Hardy free for a potential singles push since they’ve always favored him in that role.

My opinion – Twitter: @VladStValentine

Even though we got the Ultimate Deletion, I’m not sure the WWE completely understands it. Matt’s Woken brilliance seems hard for them to comprehend as a marketable concept. If we get Woken Bray, I can see he and Matt competing for the WWE Raw Tag Team Championships against Wyatt’s former black sheep Braun Strowman. Woken Matt and Brother Wyndham vs. Braun and a partner would be a fun program.

If Wyatt goes his own way afterward, Matt Hardy might even get a nice singles push to keep the Woken Universe going, which will perhaps lead to either a WWE United States or Intercontinental Championship run after the positive response to the Ultimate Deletion.

Though the U.K. tour booking shows Randy Orton will not be the WWE United States Champion after WrestleMania, a Woken Matt Hardy vs. Legend Killer feud would be amazing. It would signal another dark soul to convert for Matt and it would let Randy play the heel he so desperately wants to be.

Regarding a WWE Intercontinental Championship program, any three of the combatants set to face off for the title at WrestleMania – namely Seth Rollins, The Miz and Finn Balor – would make great rivals for Woken Matt. The mind games that could be played with the ‘Architect’ have potential, and the Miz would be a great straight man for Hardy’s weirdness. The most tantalizing opponent, however, would have to be Finn Balor. Just imagine the ‘Demon King’ entering the Hardy Compound to face the possibility of a Hellish Deletion. The unfathomable depths of awesomeness is beyond the scope of words.

We’d love to hear your bookings of Woken Matt on his road to WrestleMania. Tell us what you think in the comments below or on Twitter here.

6 years ago by Cody Brooks



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