Matt Riddle On Possibly Being Buried On WWE Main Roster

Matt Riddle On Possibly Being Buried On WWE Main Roster

Matt Riddle, who has recently been moved from NXT to the WWE main roster on SmackDown, has commented on fans saying he could possibly be buried.

This is something most fans fear with pretty much every NXT callup, and there’s plenty of evidence to suggest why it’s a valid concern, but Matt Riddle seems confident it won’t happen to him.

Speaking with the Daily Star, the former NXT Tag Team Champion said:

“I hear people say ‘Oh, he’s just gonna get buried!’, but I’ll tell you this, nobody has been able to bury me yet, and that includes Dana White – so I doubt WWE is going to bury me. They’ve given me everything I could ask for, so right now if anyone is going to bury me it’ll be me burying myself and that’s not going to happen – I won’t do that. So, I honestly love the transition – this is going to be amazing, and it’s just going to be the beginning of a very bright future.”

Riddle also discussed what it’s like performing in an empty arena with no live crowd and comparing that to his MMA days, saying:

“The transition, when you have a live crowd and we’re always moving [venues] can be a little more difficult, but right now, because of the situation we’re all in, it’s kind of easier. I go to one building, I know who I’m working with. I was on the Ultimate Fighter so I’m used to fighting in front of zero fans.. and spilling blood. So this is no different for me, this is something I’m used to. Usually, when they bring you over, you’re waiting for that crowd reaction, but I’m getting that at-home reaction, I’m hoping!”

4 years ago by Liam Winnard


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