Report: WWE Star Suspended For Failed Drug Test

3 months ago by Amanda Savage

Report: WWE Star Suspended For Failed Drug Test WWE

According to a new report, WWE star Matt Riddle is currently suspended due to a failed drug test and is thought to be undergoing company mandated rehab as it isn’t the first time.

According to a new report from Cassidy Haynes of, Riddle’s recent WWE TV write-off at the hands of Solo Sikoa on the December 5 edition of Raw was due to Riddle failing a real-life drug test.

And this isn’t the first time it seems, as in the lead up to SummerSlam this past July, Riddle reportedly also failed a drug test at that time.

The planned SummerSlam match featuring Seth Rollins versus Matt Riddle was scrapped from SummerSlam and delayed until Clash at the Castle.

The change of plans at the time was chalked up to “change in creative direction,” it seems now creative has had to shift again with Riddle written off of television.

Also, the report states that WWE informed Riddle back at the SummerSlam infraction that if he failed another drug test he would be subject to a “rehab or fired” consequence.

With Matt Riddle now written off television for “six weeks”, Haynes reported that Riddle had failed another drug test and “will be sent to rehab”.

According to the report, it is generally believed he has already entered treatment or will be doing so shortly with assumption of a 30 day treatment program.

No specifics of the test were mentioned, but it’s notable that WWE no longer tests for marijuana.

We’ll be sure to keep you up to date with any additional news regarding the situation or if a formal statement is shared by WWE.

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