Maxxine Dupri Revealed On SmackDown With Maximum Male Models

10 months ago by Amanda Savage

Maxxine Dupri Revealed On SmackDown With Maximum Male Models WWE

As we previously reported earlier in the show, Maxxine Dupri was revealed on WWE SmackDown and it was not who everyone thought!

Before the reveal on-screen, eagle eyed fans have noticed that NXT 2.0 star Sofia Cromwell had changed her social media handles to reflect her new name, Maxxine Dupri.

Appearing on WWE SmackDown alongside Maximum Male Models, ma.çé and mån.sôör, Maxxine kept the signature “Du-PRI!’ of her ‘brother’ and pledged to bring the delicious duo back next week to debut their Summer beach wear collection.

While many fans believed that Maxxine would actually be revealed to be NXT UK star Jinny who has been off of WWE television in an in-ring capacity since January.

Jinny seemed like a logical choice given her fashion gimmick and relationship (possibly marriage?) to another WWE SmackDown star on the rise, Gunther.

Last week, the official Maximum Male Models Twitter account already read ‘All tweets by Maxxine Dupri’ even before Cromwell changed her social presence.

Oddly enough, Max Dupri himself did not feature in the graphic shown on screen, nor is his social media handle tagged in WWE’s post. Max Dupri was initially noted as planned to appear in the segment however it was reported prior that he was not backstage. 

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