Reported Details On Meetings Between CM Punk & Tony Khan

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Reported Details On Meetings Between CM Punk & Tony Khan AEW

The reported details on meetings between CM Punk and Tony Khan has been revealed.

On Thursday, CM Punk took to his Instagram stories to respond to Dave Meltzer’s claim on the Wrestling Observer message boards, blasting AEW, Tony Khan, Chris Jericho and more in a now-deleted post.

Fightful Select (subscription required) has provided an update on Punk’s status with All Elite Wrestling, noting that Punk and Tony Khan have had some contact with a couple of meetings.

The report notes that there was a planned meeting for mid-February that was delayed, supposedly due to Jerry Jarrett’s funeral.

Those close to Punk believed that he wanted out of his contact without a non-compete attached at one point, but in recent weeks, they believed the former AEW World Champion was open to returning to the company, and even wanted to.

In an important note, at least one person claimed that CM Punk was willing to apologize for the scrum portion of the All Out evening.

There was a lot of context absent from that claim though, specifically to whom, or whether it would be publicly or privately.

Several people said that Punk has expressed some form of regret for aspect of that night in general.

As previously reported, an update on CM Punk claiming Tony Khan wanted him to wrestle while not medically cleared ahead of All Out 2022 has also been provided.

Punk hasn’t wrestled since suffering a triceps injury during his All Out main event match against Jon Moxley.

We will have further updates and news regarding CM Punk’s AEW status when they become available.

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