Mercedes Martinez Reveals Why She Left RETRIBUTION

Mercedes Martinez Reveals Why She Left RETRIBUTION WWE

If you ask most WWE fans what the worst stable of the past 10 years was, a good majority of them would probably say RETRIBUTION, the group which included T-Bar, Mace, Slapjack, Reckoning and later Mustafa Ali.

What some people may have forgotten is that there was once another member of the ill-fated group, and that was Retaliation, arguably better known as current AEW star Mercedes Martinez.

Martinez made the decision very early on to leave the group, and was released from WWE soon after leaving, and you’ll be unsurprised to hear she doesn’t regret her choice.

Speaking to the media following ROH Supercard of Honor, where she won the Interim ROH Women’s Championship, Martinez said:

“We don’t talk about that. Yeah, the whole Retribution thing, I think for me, the decision to not be a part of that was probably a great decision for me personally. I always believe my legacy has to be me in my truest form. Which is like Mercedes Martinez, not part of a group or in a mask. Not to take away from anything that anybody in that group, they have their own decisions to make. For me, personally in my career, in 20 years, I really did not want to change anything that I had worked so hard for.”

She spoke about how she wanted to put more focus on her personal career, and that being in Retribution didn’t allow her to do that.

“The basis of my career has always been, ‘I want to do this my way.’ True to my form, the truest I can be, very authentic. And it was always Mercedes, Mercedes, Mercedes. Have I turned down opportunities? Yes, of course. I truly believe that was not the direction that I wanted my career to go. And everybody was on board, there was no bad press or anything, everyone was on the same page, they understood where I was going, what I wanted to do for my career. And that was it, I left and went back to NXT and kept my career there. For me, it was a good decision for me, personally.”

Credit to WrestlingInc for the transcription.

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