WWE Name Believes Mercedes Mone Will Return Under Triple H Regime

WWE Name Believes Mercedes Mone Will Return Under Triple H Regime NJPW

NXT announcer Booker T believes that Mercedes Mone (Sasha Banks) will return to WWE in 2024, under the Triple H regime.

The former ‘Sasha Banks’ last appeared for WWE in May 2022, with the popular star suspended after walking out on a Raw taping later that month.

Mone didn’t return to WWE TV, with her next wrestling appearance coming in January 2023, when she made her NJPW debut at Wrestle Kingdom 17.

There has been a lot of speculation about Mone’s next move in recent weeks, with both WWE and AEW seeming like viable homes for the star.

Speaking on his Hall of Fame podcast, Booker T explained that in his mind, Mercedes Mone returning to WWE is a ‘done deal’.

Predicting that she will be back with WWE before the end of 2024, Booker T said:

“I’m not a huge New Japan Pro Wrestling viewer. I’m not going to say I’m not a fan because I’ve seen stuff that I do like, and I try to check out the Wrestle Kingdoms every year around this time of year.

“But yeah, it seems like it’s too long. It seems like she’s been gone too long. I hope she comes back, man. Can you think about all the badass matches we can see again? And it’s not like she was gone that long ago.

“I mean, what has it been a year or so, a year and a half or something like that? And you never know. And the thing is, obviously there’s a new regime in town. There’s a different way of thinking in town.

“Maybe some of the issues that she was not too pleased with before are no longer a factor. It says it on his shirt, Hell froze over and CM Punk came back after ten years. You know what I mean?

“There’s a lane for Sasha Banks to stash Mercedes Mone, and I’m making a prediction. I’m calling it. She’s back in 2024. In WWE, it’s a done deal in my mind.”

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Transcription via 411Mania

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