Mia Yim Says ‘WWE Likes To Fix S**t That Isn’t Broken’

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Mia Yim Says ‘WWE Likes To Fix S**t That Isn’t Broken’ WWE

As Sir Tom Jones says, it’s not unusual to be loved by anyone, and I believe the next lyric is “it’s not unusual for a former WWE star to throw shade at WWE once they no longer work for the company”. It’s a great song.

The latest person to throw the aforementioned shade at WWE is Mia Yim, or as she was known for some time, Reckoning.

Speaking during a Twitch stream earlier this week, Yim mentioned how Shotzi no longer has the tank she so famously used to drive to the ring in, and said:

“Shotzi don’t even have her tank anymore, because, you know, they [WWE] like to fix s**t that isn’t broken.”

A fan then suggested perhaps she wasn’t willing to work with WWE’s ideas, which is a very strange thing to say to someone who agreed to be a part of Retribution. Taking to Twitter, Yim shot down this idea, and said doing WWE’s ideas doesn’t mean you won’t get released.

Speaking to Denise Salcedo earlier this month, Yim revealed she went through a period of severe anxiety immediately after she was released by WWE.

“I didn’t even go train inside of a ring, my anxiety wouldn’t let me. It was slow progress where, okay, I got through my first match, now let me focus and see if I can still lead somebody. And either I continue [wrestling] or I don’t, and if I continue, I have to go balls to the wall. I don’t like doing things half-ass, so if there’s an opportunity that comes, I am gonna take it and make something of it.

“So it wasn’t until like … I know I bust Shelton’s [Benjamin] balls all the time, but he and Keith, and even [Mustafa] Ali, I had a lot of support. Shelton was like, ‘Don’t let them define you. Go do what you’re known to do. So it was just having the support of others kinda pushing me, because if it wasn’t for them, I probably wouldn’t even be back. Even every one that is still there like Ali, saying, ‘Yo, you’re badass, you’re an f’n badass?’”

Yim was one of almost 100 WWE stars released in 2021, and you can see them all right here.

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