Mick Foley Names Dream Opponents From WWE & AEW

Mick Foley Names Dream Opponents From WWE & AEW WWE

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley has named his dream opponents from the current WWE and AEW rosters.

Foley has wrestled many of the all time greats during his career throughout the 80s, 90s and 2000s, but there are many current stars he wishes he could have faced off with.

Speaking on the Ask Mick Anything episode of his Foley Is Pod, Foley was asked about current wrestling names that he would like to work with.

Foley named two top AEW stars, as well as two current WWE stars.

He said:

“Oh man, I love I would love to work with Moxley.

“Bray Wyatt, I imagine the promos can be really cool.

“I always liked working with people who had polar opposite styles to mine, and then putting a little of my own style into it. So somebody like Darby Allin would have been great to work with.

“Ricochet, if he had had a hot program coming out of the gate, I think it would have made a big difference that there. Man, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have one of those great marriages quickly and establish a lot of guys, I think that was the only thing missing [for Ricochet], that great rivalry right out of the gate.”

Foley has previously spoken about how he had original plans to wrestle Jon Moxley back in 2012 before the Shield debuted, but the plans ultimately fell through.

transcription via Fightful

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