Mick Foley Full Of Praise For Jaxson Ryker Following WWE Raw Debut

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

Mick Foley Full Of Praise For Jaxson Ryker Following WWE Raw Debut

Last night on Raw, Jaxson Ryker made his in-ring debut for the red brand, defeating Lucha House Party’s Gran Metalik in what was essentially a squash match. This comes after he debuted alongside Elias last week.

Many fans were surprised to see Jaxson Ryker back on WWE TV last week, especially considering he reportedly had heat from people within WWE for some pro-Trump comments he made during the Black Lives Matter movement.

While most fans aren’t too enthused by the idea of Jaxson Ryker appearing on WWE TV each week, one former WWE Champion and Hall of Famer has taken to social media to praise the former NXT star.

Taking to Twitter, former Raw General Manager Mick Foley called Jaxson Ryker a “hardworking ass-kicking dude”. Foley noted that he’s known Ryker for over ten years, and is happy to see him on Raw:

Good to see @JaxsonRyker on #Raw. I’ve known this hardworking, ass-kicking dude since 2009. He’s a player.

Unsurprisingly, people in the comments were quick to question Mick’s comments here. Here are just a selection of the comments from Foley’s tweet:

@Captain_Subpar: I love ya, Mick, but that’s a bad call. Doesn’t matter how long you’ve known him or how hardworking he may be… the guy publicly said incredibly racist things. Ignoring racism only emboldens it.

@Emilysdad0621: I’m with you pretty much 99.9% of the time but this is the .1% where I respectfully disagree.

@JpMattis: This ain’t it mick

Jaxson Ryker has responded to the comments made by the WWE Hall of Famer, also taking to Twitter to thank Mick Foley for his kind words:

Thank you Mick for this

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