Mick Foley Weighs In On The Value Of MJF

Mick Foley Weighs In On The Value Of MJF WWE/AEW

Mick Foley has given his thoughts on the value of MJF to the WWE and the entire wrestling world.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman has been a lightning rod in wrestling due to his stellar promo ability, character work and as of late, his controversial status with current employer AEW.

In a world where social media shows beyond what a wrestler portrays themselves on-screen, MJF has blurred the lines unlike anyone in some years.

Many fans have questioned where Friedman will end up when his contract with All Elite Wrestling expires in 2024 and how WWE will view the 26-year old.

Speaking on Foley Is Pod, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley discussed MJF’s treatment of the fans and his value as a free agent.

Despite not agreeing with the way he speaks to young fans, Foley thinks Maxwell Jacob Friedman will be the subject of a bidding war when his AEW contract expires, saying:

“I see those things [that MJF does] and I’m like [groans]… The kid loved it. He gets it, but I’m not sure everyone does. I just don’t know, if you’re as talented as you are — look, the days when I used to get on a flight with Abdullah the Butcher and a flight attendant would come over, Abdullah would get these eyes, and she would go to check, and then the woman would withdraw and walk away as quickly as she could. Abby’s idea was, ‘That’s how you get over. You spread the word, one by one, that person is going to talk to somebody else.”

Despite appreciating MJF’s dedication to his character, the WWE Hall of Famer isn’t sure if harsh digs are necessary in 2022, saying:

“I appreciate it in some ways that he wants to be a consummate heel, I’m just not capable — you know, kids that are 10 years old, I don’t know if you need to say, “Your dad should have worn a condom.” I don’t know if that goes down well with everyone. I guess, you could argue, at this point, that you know what you’re signing up for but, I don’t know if everybody does. I like the guy, I’ve only met him on one occasion, he was great. I realized he had a world of talent. I thought what was going to hold him back was that I didn’t know if he could assert himself as a tough guy, and he’s certainly done that. So all of those questions have been answered.

“When when his contract comes up, I’m sure that he would be a major jewel in the crown of Mr. McMahon and of course, Tony Khan is going to try to — But he doesn’t — I don’t think he needs to write ‘F— you’ on a $400 title belt, but then again, I’m the guy who talked to a girl in a wheelchair in 1988.”

MJF hasn’t been seen on AEW television since the June 1 edition of AEW Dynamite where he cut a scathing, work-shoot promo on Tony Khan. He has since been removed from the roster page and the company’s digital footprint.

Keep track of MJF’s win-loss record (for televised matches) at this link.

Transcription via Fightful

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