WWE Legend ‘Politely Declined’ Raw 30 Appearance

1 week ago by Andy Datson

WWE Legend ‘Politely Declined’ Raw 30 Appearance WWE

It was Raw 30 last night, and as a result, every WWE legend still talking to Vince McMahon was on the show.

One legend who was not on the show however was Mick Foley, who most would have expected to be on the show given how much of a fan favourite he has always been.

Taking to his Facebook page, Foley revealed he had been asked by WWE to attend the show, but that he had politely declined the offer.

As you can see below, he explained the reason for him not showing up.

I was definitely asked by WWE, and politely declined due to the hectic nature of my schedule. If I had not taken the past couple days off – and instead traveled to Philadelphia for the show – I would be on the road for 32 consecutive days.

I have been working on a new project – which has been great fun, but also requires a lot of travel – and I just really needed a couple days off to relax and see my wife and children.

So it wasn’t that he didn’t want to be there, he just has his priorities in order. Every time Mick Foley does anything, I like him just a little bit more.

At least Alundra Blayze was there to play poker.

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