Former WWE Stars Recalls The Undertaker’s Crazy Reaction To Botched Move

Former WWE Stars Recalls The Undertaker’s Crazy Reaction To Botched Move WWE

Two former WWE names who were members of the legendary backstage group the Bone Street Krew (BSK) have recalled The Undertaker’s alleged reaction to a botched move.

The Bone Street Krew began in 1993 and consisted of The Undertaker, Savio Vega, James Harrison, The Godfather, Yokozuna, Brian Adams, Rikishi, Paul Beater, Mr Fuji, Henry O. Godwinn and Mideon.

Henry O. Godwinn and Mideon have recalled an incident during the 1996 Royal Rumble where Godwinn was injured by Viscera (then known as King Mabel) during the 30-man match.

Close friend and fellow BSK member, The Undertaker, was looking on from backstage as the events went down.

In an interview with Monte & The Pharaoh, Mideon described The Undertaker’s exasperation with Viscera’s in-ring work, and that the latest botch was one too many for the Deadman’s liking.

He said:

“I go to the Royal Rumble and the very first thing I see is Viscera dropped on him (Henry O. Godwinn) and hurt him.

“I walk in the locker room and Undertaker is just ripping him apart because he broke ‘Taker’s orbital socket, he hurt Kevin Nash’s back, he just hurt him (Henry O. Godwinn).

“That’s his thing whenever he wants people to take him seriously, like with Stone Cold and Shawn (Michaels), taping the fists up.”

The injured eye socket that Mideon is referring to was due to a botched clothesline at the hand of Viscera. The injury led to The Undertaker donning a Phanton of the Opera-style mask when he returned.

The threat of The Undertaker’s taped fists seemingly put Viscera in his place, despite weighing a reported 487 pounds at the time.

A week after the incident, Viscera was released from WWE, with Henry O. Godwinn explaining that Viscera was:

“Scared, scared s**tless, and they let him go the next week.” 

The Undertaker had a reputation as locker room leader during his time with WWE and is famously known for overseeing a ‘kangaroo court’ backstage for wrestlers to settle their differences.

The cinematic Boneyard Match against AJ Styles was The Undertaker’s last bout for WWE and scored him his 25th WrestleMania victory in 2020.

Transcription via Sportskeeda Wrestling.

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