Miro Explains Why He Gave AEW A ‘Discount’ With His First Deal

Miro Explains Why He Gave AEW A ‘Discount’ With His First Deal AEW

AEW star Miro has shared his thoughts on his time with AEW and his recent contract extension.

It was reported in March that Miro had signed a four year extension with AEW, keeping him with the company until at least early 2026.

Speaking with Fightful, Miro noted that he was willing to sign a long-term deal because of the creative freedom he has in AEW.

“They wanted me to sign a long-term deal for a reason and I signed long-term for a reason. It’s a place where I can be creatively free and now the ball is in my court. My boss, Tony Khan, let me have that and said, ‘Hey, go do you.’ I feel that played a big role into my decision of being here. Everybody watching AEW knows that I am a world champion. I know it. I would be short-changing myself and TK, calling that I’m not that.

“I walk around with that mentality as well. I don’t want to sit around a collect a check. I want to create and evolve and to become world champion. Before that, I’m focusing on the All-Atlantic Championship, which is going to be even bigger than the World Championship. I love this place, Tony Khan believes in me, he lets me do me and doesn’t have to be involved in every single thing. I love that.

“I love working with him, I love the company, I loved the stacked roster, the opportunity…like 99% of these people I’m fighting now is for the first time. I love those challenges. I love every single time I step foot in the ring.

“Sometimes I have 30-45 seconds, but I make the most of it every single time. That’s what it’s all about. It’s not just about having great matches or having 20-30 matches that are great. We only have so much television. It’s about what you do with the 30-45 seconds you have. This is where I excel the most.”

Explaining why he chose to give Tony Khan a ‘discount’ with his first deal with the company, Miro said:

“I gave Tony Khan a discount. I gave him a discount and said, ‘Tony, I will sign for this money because it’s the pandemic, but after that year and a half, we’re coming strong.’ I knew that he was signing the wrong guy.

“He was signing the Twitch guy. He’s basing his opinions on my Twitch and that’s where the whole thing with Kip started. I knew that wasn’t me. That’s just not who I am. I knew once the year and a half was over, I was going to show him who I am and what I’m capable of and we’re going to sit down and talk like men for men’s money. That’s exactly what happened.”

Miro is slated to compete in the fourway bout to crown the inaugural All-Atlantic Champion at Forbidden Door.

Check out the updated card for the upcoming pay-per-view right here.

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