Miro Reveals He Asked To Quit WWE In 2017

2 years ago by Brian Joyce

Miro Reveals He Asked To Quit WWE In 2017

Miro finally got his release from WWE earlier this year in the midst of the pandemic. It was the end of a long road filled with frustration from the Bulgarian Brute. However, he has now revealed that he had asked for his release as far back as three years ago.

During Miro’s appearance on Talk is Jericho, Chris Jericho recalled a conversation between them where Miro asked why he couldn’t get be released from WWE to go to AEW. This prompted Miro to reveal that he had asked to be released back in 2017. Here is the quote:

“Well, I did ask. About three years ago, I did ask. Because it was another situation where I was just unhappy. And I talked to one person, the next day that conversation was on the dirt sheets. It was really like who do you go to? Who do you turn to when you’re down, when you need advice, when you need someone to be like ‘hey man you’ll be okay.’ You have nobody because they’re all stooges. Somehow it always leaks out, you just don’t feel safe. If you don’t feel safe, you don’t know where to turn to then you are naked out there.

Thank god I have my wife and she has me and when I’m distressed there’s that back and forth but at the end of the day you need somebody where you can be like ‘hey this is not okay, who can I talk to?’ There’s nobody.”

Since his release, Miro has arrived in AEW where he works alongside Kip Sabian and Penelope Ford.

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