Miro Says Triple H Pitched For Him & Lana To Stay Together On The Main Roster

Miro Says Triple H Pitched For Him & Lana To Stay Together On The Main Roster

When Miro (Rusev) made his WWE debut back in 2014, he made a cameo in the 2014 Royal Rumble match alone, without his valet Lana by his side. This led to speculation that when Rusev moved up to the main roster, Lana would be left behind in NXT.

Miro recently spoke to the Kurt Angle Show, where he detailed how he and Lana being put together was the brainchild of Dusty Rhodes.

He said:

“The American Dream Dusty Rhodes. Dusty Rhodes is so brilliant. He was so smart. Dusty was so brilliant. Then CJ my wife, Lana, she had just gotten signed in May or something. We got to meet them, and then it was not two weeks later, Dusty found out she could speak perfect English and perfect Russian. They knew they had me. I feel like they were already kind of looking at me because I had this dark match with Dolph Ziggler that Triple H was there. He got to see and he asked who I was. From then on I think we just rode that gravy train because then CJ came in. We started doing promos together. When you’re in developmental, you just want to do funny stuff because everybody laughs. You get instant laughter. Then one day we’re told, ‘Hey guys, you should try something serious’, and we did. We did try something serious. We got inspiration from Rocky IV, Drago and Ludmilla. We rolled with that and Triple H loved it.”

When Miro was brought up to the main roster, Lana was alongside him, which Miro claims was thanks to Triple H pitching it,

He said:

“There was a question if Lana was going to debut (on SmackDown with Rusev) because that was also another issue that we had with Vince. Vince always loves his big monsters by themselves, and he thinks that the women take away from the heat, but thanks to Triple H, he fought for it. He believed in me and Lana as a unit, as a package. Thankfully to that, we debuted on SmackDown. We started doing the vignettes with CJ, which I thought was absolutely the better choice. I don’t think Rusev by himself would be as over without Lana being there. He was so much better.”

Miro has been alone in All Elite Wrestling so far in his run, with his wife CJ Perry a free agent, the two could potentially reunite in the promotion.

transcription via WrestlingNews.co

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