MJF Calls AEW Fans The ‘Worst In All Of Pro Sports”

3 months ago by Amanda Savage

MJF Calls AEW Fans The ‘Worst In All Of Pro Sports” AEW

Another day, another bonus for MJF! This time while taking to Twitter to shout out the upcoming episode of Rampage he also shouted out AEW fans… but not in a good way!

Hopping on to Twitter, MJF wrote:

“Pro Athletes talk about players from other teams and companies in their sport.

“fans forgot it once wasn’t frowned upon for wrestlers to talk about athletes in different companies.

“You’re brainwashed if you think it’s “uncouth” to talk positively of people in your profession.

“#AEWRampage #2024 #bonus

“Also this is exclusively for AEW fans. The worst fans in all of pro sports tbh.”

MJF has never been shy about his proclamations of being not only a fan of professional wrestling but also, loving WWE and often is quoted as speaking highly of the work of others in his industry.

Recently, MJF bestowed a high compliment to one member of the WWE roster when he referred to them as his very own catch phrase, calling the WWE star ‘the salt of the earth.’

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