Hollywood Star Describes Getting To Know MJF

Hollywood Star Describes Getting To Know MJF AEW

As the AEW champ continues to take Hollywood by storm, one big star has described getting to know MJF over the past two years.

Maxwell Jacob Friedman may have just become the AEW World Heavyweight Champion but he has already been making moves in Hollywood, for years in fact!

On Insight with Chris Van Vliet, former WWE staffer and Hollywood star, Freddie Prinze Jr. has commented on getting to know MJF.

While Freddie Prinze Jr. has previously commented on his desire to start his own wrestling promotion, he described getting to know MJF.

Saying of the new AEW World Heavyweight Champ:

“I’ve gotten to know Maxwell over the last two years.

“Every time he comes to L.A., we make it a point to go to dinner. And I try to take him to a different sushi spot every time.”

He went on to note that he feels that MJF possesses an exceptionally brilliant mind for the wrestling business, saying:

“I’m not the most experienced and educated wrestling cat in the world, but I did work for the WWE and I did ask a million questions to the Pat Pattersons of the world, to the Freebirds of the world, to the Arn Andersons, the Dean Malenkos – all these old school people, and everything they taught me this dude has in spades.”

Continuing his well-deserved glowing review of MJF, he said:

“It’s like Bruce Lee out there, man.

“It’s crazy, I know – I’m speaking about him like he’s a poet or Picasso, but that’s what he is … And the good thing is, he’s been appreciated within his lifetime, instead of long after he’s gone.”

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Transcription via WrestlingInc.

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