MJF Says There’s ‘Mutual Respect’ Between Him And WWE SmackDown Star

MJF Says There’s ‘Mutual Respect’ Between Him And WWE SmackDown Star WWE

AEW’s MJF has praised WWE SmackDown star Happy (Baron) Corbin, believing that he and the WWE star have mutual respect for one another.

MJF previously named Corbin as a WWE Performance Center success story when firing back at a fan claiming that the WWE PC hasn’t produced any notable names.

Corbin recently referenced MJF in a Twitter war with Sheamus, arguing that the AEW star’s scarf is awesome.

Speaking on NotSam Wrestling, MJF argued that Corbin understands that you have to have a good idea of the entire wrestling landscape to be the best.

Praising the WWE star, MJF said:

“The Corbster is a great guy.”

“I just think mutual respect … if you are not watching every product out there available then you can’t be the best version of yourself, and then you won’t make the most amount of money,” he said. “Corbin’s a guy that understands that, so he watched my product, he saw me, I watched his product, I saw him, and we both went, ‘Yep, that guy gets it.'”

MJF currently holds a poker chip that he can cash-in for an AEW World Title shot at any sanctioned AEW event. The star regularly teases a defection to WWE, with the AEW original planning to welcome the ‘bidding war of 2024’ when his current contract expires.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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