MJF’s Next Challenger Revealed?

2 months ago by Amanda Savage

MJF’s Next Challenger Revealed? AEW

Has MJF’s next challenger been revealed? AEW Dynamite tonight (March 29) kicked off with a big match and then a face off.

Tonight’s AEW Dynamite started with a match between Jungle Boy Jack Perry and Matt Hardy who had Ethan Page at ringside.

When Ethan Page was getting a little too involved in the match, HOOK came out to support Jungle Boy and even the score.

However after Page inadvertently struck Hardy instead of HOOK, he was primed to take the pinfall loss to Jungle Boy.

After the match, MJF came to the ring where he shared an oratory exhibition about how he previously believed he and Jungle Boy could be partners however not any longer.

While Jungle Boy elected to stick with people that would eventually turn on him (plus a bonus Marko Stunt name drop), MJF had encouraged him to become ruthless.

While the two continued their verbal sparring, it seemed that perhaps their feud was far from over as the duo went on to insult one another rather personally, including MJF mentioning Jungle Boy’s real life girlfriend Anna Jay A.S.

We’ll have to wait and see whether MJF’s next defense is one-on-one against Jungle Boy, or the teased four-way with Darby Allin and Sammy Guevara, both of which he’s yet to have a one-to-one confrontation with since they all interrupted his Re-Bar Mitzvah.

You can get caught up with all the happenings from tonight’s AEW Dynamite by clicking this link. 

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