MJF Responds To Thanksgiving Wishes: “Eat S***”

2 years ago by Andy Datson

MJF Responds To Thanksgiving Wishes: “Eat S***”

Sean Ross Sapp is one of the world’s most respected and well-liked wrestling journalists, and all he wanted to do was wish his followers a happy Thanksgiving.

But little did he know, lurking in the shadows was a devilish fiend by the name of Maxwell Jacob Friedman, who was set on spoiling the festive cheer.

Now as I’m not an American I have never had a Thanksgiving meal, but I am pretty sure that the above is not part of a typical dinner.

MJF is well-regarded as one of the best heels in wrestling, and much of his work for AEW has been exceptional.

He is well-known for staying in character during all interviews and on social media, as our own Luke Owen found out when he interviewed him.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



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