MJF Considers Pulling Up To UFC 282 & ‘Moon Faced P***k’ Paddy Pimblett

MJF Considers Pulling Up To UFC 282 & ‘Moon Faced P***k’ Paddy Pimblett AEW/UFC

According to a new report from ESPN, MJF wouldn’t be shocked to find himself in Vegas on December 10 for UFC 282.

After exchanging in a social media war of words with UFC star Patrick ‘Paddy’ Pimblett earlier in the day, now he’s gone on to elaborate.

In speaking to Marc Raimondi of ESPN, MJF said:

“I wouldn’t be shocked if the AEW world champion shows up on Dec. 10 in Vegas.”

Going on to elaborate, MJF said:

“I’m sick and tired of people talking about pro wrestling as if it’s some f—ing stunt show.

“The fact of the matter is Paddy ‘The Prima Donna’ Pimblett would not last two seconds in a professional wrestling ring with me. Maybe not even one.”

“This fat, moon-faced prick, Will-from-Stranger-Things-looking a–hole dollar store Conor McGregor decided he needed to chirp up and say, ‘Oh, wrestling is fake,'”

“Let me tell you something. We are real fighters. They are prima donnas.”

While MJF has considered pulling up to Vegas, their earlier Twitter squabble centered around AEW’s upcoming travels to the UK and for a London show scheduled for “2023.”

MJF speaking of a potential showdown in Londontown:

“Pro wrestling is a dangerous, dangerous sport, and there is no one more dangerous than MJF. I can assure you when we come to London in 2023, if Paddy shows his face, he’s going to find out that a Scouser [a native or inhabitant of Liverpool, England] is no match for a Long Islander. Because I’m better than him and he knows it.

“There’s a target on my back at all times. Like I said, if ‘Paddy the Baddy’ thinks he can aim at that target and hit it, I am more than game. More than game to knock that guy out.”

MJF won the AEW World Heavyweight Championship from Jon Moxley at AEW’s most recent pay-per-view, AEW Full Gear.

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