MJF Acknowledges Roman Reigns: ‘He’s A Stud’

MJF Acknowledges Roman Reigns: ‘He’s A Stud’ AEW/WWE

MJF acknowledges WWE star Roman Reigns grabbing the top spot of the PWI 500 and shared more about why he watches WWE.

Perhaps stoking heel heat from delicate AEW fans who can’t see anything nice to say about WWE, MJF has got plenty of positivity about the revitalized product recently!

MJF is back and making the interview rounds and amongst some of the more unsavory quotes floating about, there is one where he pays a nice compliment to the Undisputed WWE Champion, Roman Reigns.

When asked about Roman Reigns topping the recent Top Pro Wrestling Illustrated 500, MJF acknowledged the nod from the publication, saying:

“Yeah, he’s a stud. We the ones. He’s a stud. Who is not a fan?”

When asked if he watches WWE, MJF said:

“Yes. Just because wrestlers are in a different company doesn’t mean they can’t watch another product. If you’re not watching it means you’re not a student of the game and you should be ashamed of yourself.

“I watch everything. I watch what’s going on right now. I watch stuff from all the way back in the past. I watch World Class, Mid-South, AWA. How the hell are you going to be the best version of yourself if you don’t study your craft?

“Whoever has made eye contact with you and has proclaimed, ‘I don’t watch it.’ If they’re telling the truth, they’re an idiot and if they’re lying they’re an idiot because they are just trying to look cool and they don’t look cool to me, they look very stupid for not studying.”

This opens up a whole host of additional questions for MJF, all of which are WWE related; who does he think this ‘White Rabbit’ mystery is pointing to? What is his favorite catch phrase in WWE? Does he miss Pat McAfee on SmackDown? Who is his favorite tag team? This could go on all day.

MJF is back with AEW (for the time being at least) as he continues to tease a potential bidding war between the two companies, after his contract with AEW reportedly expires in January 2024.

Transcription via Fightful

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