MLW Star Calls Out ‘Fictional Narrative’ Between WWE & AEW

2 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

MLW Star Calls Out ‘Fictional Narrative’ Between WWE & AEW WWE/AEW

A former WWE name has cast doubt on the apparent narrative that there’s a war going on between both WWE and AEW.

Tony Khan had previously weighed in on the conflict between WWE and AEW, saying:

“I only know what people have come to me and alleged. But, I do know it’s a real war between AEW and WWE…”

Now, Sam Adonis, the brother of WWE’s Corey Graves, has given his opinion on the narrative, speaking on the Wrestling Epicenter podcast, saying:

“I think right now there’s a fictional narrative that there’s a wrestling war happening. Which is not really the case at all. I think everybody has an agenda now, every newspaper, every website, everybody needs to get their sales.

“They’re painting these fictional battle lines, and trying to tell everybody that you’re not supposed to like this one if you like that one.

“Overall, being on a major national television is huge news.”

Adonis would go on to say that Major League Wrestling on Reelz was going to have a positive effect on the industry.

He would suggest that MLW would be in a strong position to attract high-level talent.

Adonis made his MLW debut in November 2022.

Transcript from Wrestling Inc.

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