Mojo Rawley Wants WWE SummerSlam Match With Rob Gronkowski

3 years ago by Liam Winnard

Mojo Rawley Wants WWE SummerSlam Match With Rob Gronkowski

Current WWE Raw star Mojo Rawley has spoken about the possibility of a match including his good friend Rob Gronkowski in a recent interview with TMZ.

Mojo responded by saying they’ve been talking about doing a tag match with the two teaming together at SummerSlam 2020:

“We’ve been talking about doing a tag match together for really long time. SummerSlam is in Boston next year. It’s gonna be a huge event. That might be the one. Talking to Robbie G, I know he’s been saying he wants to do a tag match, me and him versus whoever. We got some awesome tag teams in WWE. Whoever want it, can get it.”

Rawley also joked about recent comments Gronkowski had mad about him when the former NFL player called him a wimp:

“Sometimes, Rob says things he doesn’t mean, like calling a guy a wimp when he knows that he can blatantly kick the crap out of him. These are just things that come out of his mouth that have no meaning. Robbie G been running around calling himself Mr. Recovery. Mojo Rawley will put that to the test when I stomp him the hell out. We’ll see how CBD Medic is really treating him.

“He’s lost a little bit of weight, he’s looking kinda slim, he looks like he should join our Cruiserweight division. There’s a lot of competition there.”

You can watch the full interview here:

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