Money In the Bank Is ‘A Major Source Of Confusion’

Money In the Bank Is ‘A Major Source Of Confusion’ WWE

You will likely have seen that an advert for Money in the Bank has been appearing on WWE shows over the past couple of weeks, and that during the advert, Cody Rhodes says “the winner will get a guaranteed main event match at WrestleMania”.

Well that’s pretty confusing, because that has never been the rule before. The man or woman who wins Money in the Bank gets a guaranteed title shot whenever they want to cash in their briefcase, but Cody seems to have changed the rules.

Well actually, according to a new report from Ringside News, who despite everything have been putting out a number of accurate reports of late, the rules haven’t changed, and Cody’s announcement has just confused everyone.

According to the report, “no one knows why that is being said.”

The report adds, “the only guaranteed title match is the winner of the Royal Rumble”, and this is “a major source of confusion with writers and producers.”

So it seems Money in the Bank isn’t actually changing after all, and WWE is just being its usual slightly confusing self. We will of course bring any further updates when they become available to us.

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2 years ago by Andy Datson


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