Update On New Bianca Belair & Montez Ford Reality Show

Update On New Bianca Belair & Montez Ford Reality Show WWE

Following its official announcement in November 2022, a WWE star has shared an update on their upcoming reality TV show coming to Hulu.

Speaking to the New York Post, SmackDown star Montez Ford discussed his upcoming reality show titled ‘The Crawfords’ with wife and fellow WWE star Bianca Belair, and when fans can expect to watch it.

Ford said, regarding the release date:

“Very, very soon. I would say between October and maybe February.”

Filming for the show actually begun earlier this year at Royal Rumble 2023, but would coincide with Ford and Belair’s five-year wedding anniversary, which they celebrated in Las Vegas.

The special celebration will be one of the featured moments in the show, with Ford being asked how he felt about sharing the moment while cameras were rolling, to which he responded with a reference to his on-screen WWE tag partner Angelo Dawkins.

Ford explained:

“I think the good thing about doing the show is the same thing as working with Dawkins, I don’t feel like it’s work.

“I’m actually having a great time with the person I love and that I want to share this life with.

“It doesn’t necessarily feel like work, just another reflection of how we are as people outside of wrestling, too.

“It never feels like work with her or Daws. It just feels like we are having a conversion or a moment shared with just a camera right here (motions toward his face).

“At first, it takes some getting used to. It’s not a normal thing. You got a camera there. It’s a little awkward at times in the beginning because you’re just talking and this camera.

“What are you going to say? What is your expression to that, but after that, you get used to it.

“I have to watch what I say because I have a little potty mouth.”

Stay tuned to WrestleTalk.com for any updates on an official release date for the show.

Ford and Dawkins were last seen on WWE TV entering a limo with former two-time WWE Champion Bobby Lashley, suggesting a potential new faction being formed.

A week later, Lashley was seen meeting with NXT’s Carmelo Hayes and Trick Williams, but not the Street Profits.

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