Moose Recalls WWE & AEW Stars Contacting Him After IMPACT Promo

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Moose Recalls WWE & AEW Stars Contacting Him After IMPACT Promo

IMPACT World Champion Moose has commented on his recent TV promo referencing WWE and AEW, arguing that he wasn’t taking shots at either company.

On the November 4 edition of IMPACT, Moose took to the mic to celebrate his Bound for Glory title win. The champion called out a number of AEW and WWE stars, noting that it doesn’t matter how Elite you are, what Tribe you’re Chief to, whether you’re The Boss, The Man, the King or Queen, even if you add a New Day to the week, he’s still the greatest champion in wrestling.

Speaking Speaking on Juice Pro Wrestling, Moose recalled his phone blowing up after the promo aired. Discussing the reaction to his statement, Moose said:

“They told me I would have three minutes to cut a promo and to think about what I wanted to say and that it was good because it was my first time talking as champion. I could have cut the typical bullshit promo about being a fighting champion. Everything I thought about saying, I was just saying stuff that champions before me had said. What could I say that would make a statement? In today’s era of wrestling, social media is where it’s at because social media runs the world. In my mind, I had to cut a promo that was going to have the internet buzzing and it was going to be controversial without being controversial or saying anything bad about anybody. I grabbed my paper and sat for 20 minutes and it was kind of like writing a rap song. As I was done I was like, ‘Holy shit, this could be really fucking good.’ Before I thought about saying it, I wanted to make sure I had the clearance to say it. I gotta get a paycheck. I told the writers and they fucking loved it.”

“If you hear the promo, everyone was like I shot at WWE or AEW. I never took a shot at anybody. I never said one bad thing about anybody. If anything, I put them all over. I just said I’m better than all of them. I hate to put this guy over, but Don Callis used to work with me on my promos and he would tell me, ‘one thing you don’t want to do is put anybody down in your promos. Put them over and then when you put yourself over, you seem greater than all of them.’ I used that in my mind as a reference when I was writing this promo. I put them all over because they are all legendary and I think they’re the best in this business, I just think I’m the greatest of all time. At the end of the day, I put myself and IMPACT over as a whole. A lot of people I mentioned, I’m good friends with or associates with. I think they are all great. I just put myself up there with them. When I wrote the promo, I didn’t think it was going to get the clout and praise and mentions that it got.”

“I got my phone blowing up from people that work everywhere. People that work at AEW, WWE, everybody was like, ‘That was a hell of a fucking promo.’ In my mind, I needed to make a statement. I made a statement. I had everyone hitting me up about this promo. If you look at the views it got with IMPACT, I don’t think anything they put on Twitter has gotten more than 100,000 views. This is up to 300,000 views. Hopefully, it goes down as big of a promo as Steiner Math and Jay Lethal’s ‘woo off’ with Ric Flair. I hope it goes down in history as one of the most epic promos in IMPACT history. There were a couple mentions I saw that were like, ‘Moose talks so slow, he put me to sleep.’ That’s my fucking character. Obviously, I don’t talk that menacing and slow in real life. My character is methodical like No Country For Old Men. That’s kind of what my character is based on, he talks slow and menacing so you can understand every word. It’s not appealing to some fans who think, ‘he’s stupid and talks slow.’ Suck my butt. More people hit me up about that promo than actually congratulated me for winning the title, which was big for me.”

On tonight’s edition of IMPACT, Matt Cardona, Eddie Edwards and W. Morrissey will do battle in a three-way match to determine the #1 contender to Moose’s IMPACT World Championship.

You can read spoilers for the match, and others from the recent TV taping here.

Transcription via Fightful.

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