Moose Reveals Awesome New Idea For A Title He Wants To Pitch To Impact Wrestling

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Moose Reveals Awesome New Idea For A Title He Wants To Pitch To Impact Wrestling

Earlier today, website editor Louis Dangoor had the chance to speak to Impact Wrestling star Moose. Moose answered questions about a variety of topics, including what it is like to work with guys like RVD and Rhino and his opinions on Tessa Blanchard winning the world title.

However, perhaps the most interesting quote from Moose to come out of the conversation was an idea he has for a new championship in Impact Wrestling.

Moose noted that he is considering pitching an idea to Impact higher-ups of a new title that would have some very interesting rules. He explained that this new title would help Impact stand out:

“I’ve always pitched this and maybe I should pitch this to Impact Wrestling. It’s an idea that would make us different because nobody does it. I had an idea that Impact Wrestling has a title, I don’t know what the title would be called, but whoever the champion is calls the stipulation of the defence.”

Moose would continue explaining his idea when adding:

“So a if you have a X-Division guy, he would think he’s more skilled at Ultimate-X matches so would call that as the stipulation. If you have a hardcore guy like Sami Callahan, obviously him and Tommy’s skill would be hardcore matches where every match would be be a hardcore match. If you had a submission based champion ever match would be a submission match.”

The former Ring of Honor star added that this would mean that title wins would mean more, as the winner of the match would have beaten the former champion at their own game:

“So If I’m the champion, I would chose to go back to the grand champion three round rule. That’s what I strived at in my Impact career as the only two-time champion. If I was champion, I’d have every title match be a rounds based match. So if I eventually lose, it makes it a big deal but because someone beat me at my own stipulation.”

This is a very interesting idea, and something that PROGRESS Wrestling does in the UK with the Proteus Championship. However, no major US promotion has a title like this, so perhaps Impact Wrestling should consider implementing it.

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