More Details On Heat Between WWE & TV Networks

More Details On Heat Between WWE & TV Networks

The relationships between WWE and its TV network partners seem to be… interesting, and they’ve taken yet another turn this past week.

As per the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, FOX – which broadcasts SmackDown – was very unhappy that WWE didn’t make a big play to sign CM Punk, since FOX and Punk have a good relationship off the back of the Backstage show.

In trying to make things up to FOX, WWE had Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar return at SummerSlam and allocated them both to the SmackDown brand to give the show a boost in star power.

However, in its effort to get FOX back on its side, WWE in turn upset the USA Network, which broadcasts Raw and NXT (most importantly Raw).

The USA Network is unhappy about the unbalanced nature of the rosters, with SmackDown now having Reigns, Lesnar and Lynch, who are probably the three biggest stars in the company at this point.

WWE does reportedly have a draft scheduled for October, so we might see some things even out, but WWE doesn’t appear to be making many friends in TV-land right now.

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2 years ago by Liam Winnard


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