More On What Paul Heyman Has Planned For WWE Raw

4 years ago by Andy Datson

More On What Paul Heyman Has Planned For WWE Raw

Since in was announced that Paul Heyman had been hired as the Executive Director of Raw, we have seen a number of obvious nods towards a more hardcore and gritty product.

Commentators swearing, wrestlers swearing, people being thrown through LED boards and destroyed with kendo sticks and Drake Maverick in his pants. Gritty.

According to the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, it’s not just the grit that Heyman is after. Dave Meltzer writes that Heyman hopes to introduce a more realistic backstage interview atmosphere, as well as make wins and losses mean more.

Paul Heyman for Raw is trying to go with the idea of having backstage interviews have less of the fake dialogue and come across more realistic, and that there would be more consequences, essentially what AEW promises with the idea that wins and losses will matter and that angles won’t just be forgotten and dropped, and if someone gets hurt one week they won’t be fine the next week.

It basically looks as though Heyman wants WWE to be a more believable product, which I think I can speak for everyone and say that we would love that.

This past week we’ve already seen Baron Corbin take 20 shots with a kendo stick and then barely sell it the next night on Raw, so it would be nice to think that these people are actually real fighters.

The more Heyman ideas you hear, the more excited you get, which is a shame because this is WWE and it’s a bad idea to get too excited.

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