Multiple NXT Stars Given New Names

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Multiple NXT Stars Given New Names

WWE has once again gone on a name-changing spree among its NXT talents to make sure they all have the silliest names possible.

As we’ve already covered, Mei Ying (Karen Yu) has undergone a major gimmick change and will be Wendy Choo from now on, doing away with all the Tian Sha business.

There are some more changes too, as PWInsider is reporting that new signing Kellie Morga has been given the new name Mila Malani.

On top of that, three referees have had their names changed as well. Because it’s really important to change the names of the referees whose names they’re not allowed to say anyway.

Aja Smith is now Daphne Lashaunn, DA Brewer is now Dallas Irvin, and Tom Castor is now Derek Sanders.

Some new WWE trademark filings indicate the following new names will also be given to people, we just don’t know who yet:

  • Will Charlton
  • Chip Danning
  • Joey Tofino
  • Olympe Margaux

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